Tuesday 25 November 2014

Ensuring you succeed: Tips on advancing your insurance career

Ensuring you succeed: Tips on advancing your insurance career

The insurance industry is a diverse one which offers room for growth, education and a invaluable work experience. Home to wide variety of jobs such as claims handling, risk management, investment, pensions management, sales, research.. there might very well be a position that’s fit for you. The exciting part of working in insurance lies in its wealth of opportunity, allowing for employees to quickly find a niche in which to succeed.

Insurance career opportunities in Malta are plentiful. There are several established companies available, with some well-known agencies offering a great working environment for you to begin your career journey. These include: Atlas Insurance PCC, Middlesea, GasanMamo, Citadel Insurance Plc., Laferla Insurance, Elmo Insurance, Bonnici Insurance, Allcare insurance ltd., Malta Insurance Association.
Just like in other service industries, to get started you will need a University degree; however the nature of your studies will vary according to the position sought for. Speak to us and we can help you out with making this choice. The less technical traits an applicant will have to provide include good communication skills, good people skills, flexibility and the ability to adapt to different situations.

General day-to-day tasks include:
  • The selling of policies or merchandise through presenting , influencing and ultimately convincing potential clients.
  • Establishing and Maintaining relationships with customers, thus developing good relationships from the initial point of contact and sustain these relationships over time.
  • Provide expert advice and consultation based on analysation and assessment of the situation at hand.

It just so happens that after some time, doing the same job get tedious and boring, you begin to form new goals and seek more responsibility, a better pay or a more prestigious role. You want a promotion; don’t wait for it to fall into your lap.
Follow these tips to help you reach that new position:

  1. Seek the right job for you. When tasks are related to your personal strengths the quality of the work will exceed expectations, excellent performance is necessary for getting a promotion, as are qualities such as punctuality, prudency and enthusiasm.
  2. Keep in contact with your supervisor. Having a good relationship with your superior will help you identify your task more clearly thus enhancing your performance by getting it right the first time and also ensures that he is made aware of your efforts. Going the extra mile may seem useless if the people that matter don’t realise it.
  3. Be a good team player. Being liked by your co-workers is just as important as being liked by your boss especially if your aim is to be promoted to a supervising role. So lend a helping hand, socialise in the staff room and attend company events.
  4. Make your employer aware of your goals. It is important that the right people know that you’re interested in a higher position though ensure to word it correctly as of not to come across as being fed up with your current work.
  5. Find a mentor. Seeking career guidance from a superior will serve to not only improve your performance but also to form a bond with a person of importance. A strong relationship with someone above you could open many doors for you in the future.

Working in the insurance field is one endeavour worth looking into, so get in contact with us and let us find a perfect role for you. The sooner you start your journey the sooner you’ll get to the top.


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