Wednesday 10 June 2015

3 things you MUST do to write a CV that gets jobs

Writing a CV is one of those things young people find themselves suddenly having to think about, like getting a driving licence or applying for a loan. Unfortunately, you don’t always have an expert around to show you how to write a CV correctly.

In this blog post, the team at Muovo shares top three tips for creating a CV that has employers falling over themselves to offer you a job in their organisation.

Dress up your CV for the job

Sending a CV is like getting a foot into the door of the company you’d like to work at. The problem is that you need to convince them to let you in or you’ll get squeezed out of their property in a heartbeat.

A tidy, well-formatted CV is your calling card to a future employer's good books. It instantly communicates to the reader that you’re serious about wanting to join their team and that you’re mindful of the fact that they don’t have time to read it at their leisure.

Highlight results, not just positions

We’re big fans of the Google formula for framing your strengths in a CV. Instead of just writing a job title you held (e.g. EFL teacher), provide a short description of the results you obtained in comparison to an average or starting point, and how you did it.

e.g. “I helped groups of 15-20 international students improve their spoken and written English to B2 level from A2, by planning and facilitating interactive team-learning experiences and one-to-one coaching.”

Relevant doesn’t have to be boring

It’s very likely that your hobbies and interests somehow reflect or depend on the same key qualities that make a particular job so attractive to you. Use that to your advantage by vividly conveying your strengths giving real-life examples.

It’s one thing claiming you’re a confident person and a brilliant team player, and another writing that you love acting and that your proudest moment was when you performed in front of a packed house at a school soiree, which you also helped organise.

Guess what? The three tips you’ve just read don’t just apply for writing CVs, they also describe exactly what you should do to ace your next job interview.

Whether in person or in print, you have to persuade the person sitting on the other end of the desk to give you a job in their organisation using only your words and the way you present yourself.

Here at Muovo, we’ve coached many young people in how to write winning CVs and taught them the techniques that successful candidates use to get the jobs they want. We can do the same for you! 


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