Thursday 26 November 2015

4 Ways How To Be An Irresistible Choice For Employers in 2016

As another year is about to conclude, we thought of sharing with you some tips that will prepare you professionally for the one ahead.

These ideas are all very simple to put into action. Follow each one of the 4 ways listed below and you'll have a head-start in becoming a job candidate that employers simply cannot resist hiring.

1. Start thinking in terms of broad skills, not only fixed roles

Make a list of every position you've held so far, both paid and unpaid, and break it down in terms of the skills that were involved. To get you started, think about skills in these four categories:
  1. Teaching others
  2. Managing others
  3. Managing yourself
  4. Managing your environment

2. While you're at it, add new skills to your list

And I don't mean only hard skills which you can get qualified in. Recruiters and employers are increasingly looking at soft skills, like public speaking, emotional intelligence, leadership, and intellectual curiosity.

3. Master your personal pitch

If someone asks you why you want this job or what do you want to do in life you MUST have an answer ready. You really owe it to yourself rather than whoever's asking you. Pick your top 5 strengths and create a pitch around them. A simple formula for creating a memorable pitch goes like this:
  1. Identity (who I am now)
  2. Training (how I got here)
  3. Aspiration (who I want to be)
  4. Action (how I’m getting there)

4. The art of networking

Make a list of the top 10 people in your chosen field or industry who you feel "have made it". Look them up on LinkedIn and visit their personal blog if they have one, then take read any articles they published or summaries from events they've recently been involved in.

Write a brief message pointing out 3 things that struck you most and thank them for sharing this information. Conclude by asking them if they’d be open to receiving an occasional email with a question about their work. Follow up and send them an email with an interesting question once every 3 months.

We hope these 4 tips will encourage you to make the changes you've always wanted in your life and finally land the dream position that you've been chasing.


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