Tuesday 23 August 2016

Job-Hunting Means Breaking a Sweat

Just a few months ago we wrote about how to keep sweat at bay when going in for an interview.

However, the lead-up to the interview should be anything but sweat-less.

In keeping with the recent closing of the 2016 Olympics, job-hunting should seem similar to the undertaking of a decathlon or triathlon. Finding the job that you want takes perseverance and determination, sure, but it also involves jumping through a number of hoops to get to the all-clear ‘employable’ area.

Here at Muovo, we’ve outlined the four top priorities that should be keeping you busy if you’re currently out on the hunt for your next job:

Get creative with your CV

We can never stress enough how important it is to make sure that your CV is not only up to date, but also presents your qualifications in as unique a way as possible.

Let’s face it, other people are likely to have qualifications and interests which are similar to yours. Instead of relying on qualifications only, try and infuse your CV with some creative methods of representing your capabilities in meeting and overcoming challenges. Read up on our top 3 tips for writing CVs to find out more on this subject.

Writing CVs takes time and hard-work. You shouldn’t approach it as just another thing to check of your list before you go looking for a job. Book off an entire day or two to really nail it and impress your potential future employer with.

Sharpen your interview skills

An interview is probably the first time you’ll be meeting your prospective future employer, or at least major representatives from the company you want to be working for. We all know that making good first impressions, maintaining them and then sealing the deal doesn’t come easy. It takes deliberate practice and experience.

From the clothes you wear to the language you use, everything gets racked up by your employer during an interview. Head on over to our detailed interview guide to get the basics of interview skills down. Once that’s over and done with, you’re sure to get the next job that you interview for.

Keep up to date with your profession

You’ve gone through all the steps at school and now you’ve got your degree, diploma, or other certifications in the bag. You should be set for the next phase in life: tying down the full-time job that you want. Right?

Not really.

Plenty of people will have the same certification as you do. But, you could have an advantage over them that nobody else does. An up-to-date insight into your professional area.

Signing up for a journal subscription, taking side-courses and having an internet presence on the subject contribute to your acquiring a holistic confidence in your area that few others will have. You might not be able to write it down on a CV, but it’ll definitely come through in an interview.

Network with people in your area of business

Establishing a rapport between yourself and someone else in your field is crucial to getting a foot into the industry. Given Malta’s tendency for tight-knit communities, it pays a lot to know people.

But there’s more to networking than just showing up to key events. You have to get an idea of who’s going to be there, what you’re going to say to them beforehand and, perhaps the most challenging of them all, how you’re going to stay in touch with your new found contacts after the event. There isn’t much space for social fumbling in these kinds of situations, which is why it requires some serious research as preparation.

Job-hunting may be hard and involve breaking a sweat a couple of times, but it will certainly pay-off in the long run when you find yourself in your dream job position and set for the future. Put in the time and effort now so that you can look forward for what’s to come.


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