Thursday 5 May 2011

Did you know that the word Role is increasingly being used in organizations? instead of jobs?

‘’Jobs’’ tend to be collections of tasks drawn together for completion by a person employed for that reason. The tasks are fixed and the ways of doing them prescribed. Changes to the lists of tasks are only achieved after formal process. However, for many organizations, this approach is too ridged and inflexible. The world of work is no longer that simple. Change is real and normal. Employers need to be dynamic to survive, and individuals have to be flexible if they are to remain employable

A ‘’role’’ is different in that it is used to describe the part the individual is expected to play in the organization. It is a more fluid concept as individuals have greater capacity to shape their roles to determine the level of contribution made to the achievement of the organization’s goals. This can be more than just the level of performance and standard of competency; it includes the part the individual pays in the wider life of the organization.

Via ''Manager's Guide to Recruitment and Selection'' By Margaret Dale


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