Wednesday 6 July 2011

Get your creative juices flowing!

We love creativity and design here at the Muovo offices, especially if it's retro or geeky. In fact we believe that gamification - where the processes inherent to games are tied to goals -  is the way to go for organisations in all areas (companies, schools) to improve the experiences they offer. By adding fun and creativity to the world of work, we can get more things done and enjoy doing it.

So what better way to celebrate this than by uniting both games with creativity?

Here's a way for you to train some of those creative brain cells on your lunch break. If you're a gaming fan or grew up playing Atari, you will appreciate the simple beauty of Pixel Art!
Probably the geekiest branch of the art world, pixel art captures the retro charm of the 8-bit computers of the 1980s. PXLPNT is a web-based pixel art generator that’s beautiful in its simplicity, letting you create your own art with ease.Once you’re done, a ‘Share’ function lets you post your finished design to locations like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, or simply to a URL. You can see some example creations posted to the PXLPNT Twitter account.
Let us know what your creations are! We encourage sharing on our Facebook Page...and while you're at it you can consider joining our group, Creative Industry in Malta on LinkedIn! 

Maybe yours will inspire someone else to create something new today!

via (The Next Web) 


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