Monday 22 August 2011

A quick tour of the site's new design

You’ll notice we’ve got a new look here at !

For job seekers, looking for new career options is often a case of trial and error and taking blind shots in the dark. MUOVO takes pride in humanising recruitment and using its years of experience to help turn the job search into an understandable process with a purpose.

We’re well into our fourth year of operation — we launched in 2007 — and other than a few tweaks, we’ve had the same website design since then. A lot of things changed in that time. We grew; our clients looked for something different in an overcrowded market, and we started offering new services. 

So it felt like time to freshen things up a bit. A few of the highlights:

1. The big new feature on the front page is Search. Our website is now a fully-fledged job search engine, with a lot of different options for candidates to locate vacancies they're looking for, in the industries they want. There are lots of other little changes you might notice —result can be sorted by date or relevance, you can apply directly from the page, and a lot more.  Search can also be deployed from everywhere in the site, making sure you will always be ready to go back into the job hunt.

2. Fresh design! We want you to find what you're looking for easily and quickly, and our new design is fun & quirky (thanks to the ICON 

3. Social features! You will notice a myriad of different ways to connect to the Muovo team all around the website - from Facebook, to LinkedIn, to Skype - we're all over the web. There are also a couple of more sharing tools for those of you who want to go beyond Twitter and YouTube. We encourage you to use these tools to participate in our Refer A Friend scheme 

4. Alerts! We now provide multiple ways to easily subscribe to your favourite Muovo content, whether it's our blog or the latest vacancies via email or RSS

Our core mission is to help career seekers connect with awesome employers, so we hope that the rebooted  website will extend our core service of providing access to quality career opportunities. 

We hope you like it! 


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