Friday 8 February 2013

The 'Growing Pains' of Career Success

If there is one thing that is certain in life, it is this: life has growing pains. Whether it has to do with our relationships, academic endeavours or physical pains, at some point we all have to experience 'difficulties' as we grow to reach a certain level of maturity in the different areas of our lives. Our career, of course, is no exception.

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Everyone has goals and desires to achieve them; we all have our own definition of success. And as we work to fulfill this definition it is then that we inevitably experience the many growing pains of success. Below are just five common “growing pains” people encounter on the road to success and tips on how to handle them once you cross their paths:

1. Disrespect

Signs & Symptoms: People “talking down” to you on the job; exclusion of your thoughts and ideas due to your age or years of experience (especially if both are low numbers); total disregard for your credentials and/or accomplishments, e.g. questioning the validity of your online degree or training; insults to your intelligence, competence and capabilities, especially due to age, sex, disability and/or religion.

Treatments: Remember that people will only treat you how you allow them to. If you do not demand respect, many people you encounter won’t be so willing to offer it. Take pride in who you are, your skills sets and accomplishments on the job. If you’re 22 and a recent college grad, do not be intimidated by older workers or those with a longer tenure. Likewise, if you’re a woman working on a team full of men, don’t be nervous. You have your position for a reason and bring something unique to the table, just like every other employee. Share your ideas, be firm with your demands and address anything you feel discriminates or disrespects you as a worker and individual.

2. Solitude

Signs & Symptoms:
Friends and coworkers going down a different career path than your own; new job in a new city; unsupportive friends or colleagues pertaining to your goals; decreasing or lack of resources.

Sometimes our chosen career path becomes lonely, especially if you’re hopes and dreams are different from the “norm.” You may be met with adversity and naysayers telling you “Your dreams are too big,” “It will never happen,” and/or “You don’t have what it takes.” This point in your life may feel lonely and isolated as you head in a direction no one else is willing to go, but keep pressing forward. Remember, eagles fly alone.

3.      Relationships

Signs & Symptoms:
Difficult to meet people at work; unable to relate to coworkers because of age and lifestyle differences; non-sociable, feeling awkward, uncomfortable and lonely in new settings; moving away from friends/family for work-related opportunities.

As we grow, people will enter and leave our lives; some will stay for the entire course. Creating professional relationships with your coworkers may feel uneasy at first, especially if you’re on the shy side, but it is essential to getting over this growing pain. Not only will it make this stage in your life easier to deal with, you may come out with some invaluable connections and new friends.

4. Adapting

Signs & Symptoms:Plan “A” fails; nothing is going according to plan; feelings of inadequacy as you question your ability to succeed; facing obstacles, setbacks and roadblocks

One thing we all know is that life never goes according to plan. The obstacles you face on the path to success are certainly growing pains, but it’s how you react to them that is key. Being able to adapt when life throws you a curve ball is dire to your future success. You failed the MCAT and won’t be attending medical school this year, now what? Your first attempt at opening a new business didn’t work out; what will you do now? Try alternative routes, retake exams, apply for that opening again next year: Whatever you have to do to keep pursuing your goals, do it even if it’s not what you’d planned.

5. Transition

Signs & Symptoms:
Finding your job unfulfilling; desire a new position/career development; discriminated against in workplace; unethical work place; draining, stressful, toxic work environment

Knowing when to leave your job on your path to success can be difficult. Some workers find themselves in very toxic and unhappy working situations, but have not decided to leave due to financial reasons, lack of future employment, or just plain old fear of consequences.

Evaluate your current work situation and the pros and cons of leaving and staying. Be honest in your assessment and consider your values. A part of advancement is knowing when to close the door on one experience to open the door for the next.

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