Tuesday 23 April 2013

What Employers Want: An Amplified Worker

Today's world brims with the so-called 'amplified individuals', or people empowered by technologies and the collective intelligence of their social networks, who can do things that previously only a large organisation could. This being said, amplified individuals can often do things that no organisation could do before. It is no news that we are all living in a digital world, where hackers have refined their skills such that they can disrupt large software firms...and much more.

Are you an amplified individual?
Amplified individuals include musicians, community organisers, artists and 'techies' who work with 'nontechies'. Amplified individuals are an especially formidable force because the hard work they do is work they choose for themselves, and it is the basis of the strongest of their talents.

The GOOD news is: You can also become an amplified individual! Muovo has found the tips below most interesting, courtesy of the HBR Blog:

Change how you measure performance. The value you seek from employees, and should recognize and reward, can't be measured only by focusing on their internal contributions. It also depends on their connections to and their standing in external communities that are important to your organization. In addition, leadership skills focus on community building, consensus building, mediation, commitment and humility. Humility (as the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire would say), is the basis of every strong amplified individual, in that he or she is well aware of the strengths and weaknesses that he or she has.

Socialise your underused assets. Under the traditional logic of management, it would make sense to eye the use of any productive assets a firm has invested in. But in reality, nearly every organization has a surplus of resources of one type or another. Some have an abundance of physical space, others have equipment and tools that are rarely used, and still others have talent that is not fully engaged. Think of the resources you have in abundance and how you might 'socialise' them to build your organization's social capital and enrich the flow of ideas.

Stop to consider how these few managerial changes would support and extend an individual's initiative in your organisation, and you'll soon start to think of other tactics as well. Undoubtedly the ideas you come up with will share the common theme of loosening traditional managerial reins. But don't let that loss of control frighten you. By recognising the power of amplification, you will be rewarded with more energised, empowered, and innovative workers, and be able to achieve a whole new level of reach and impact.

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Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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