Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Banking Career Options

Malta has truly established itself as a reputable international banking centre in the Mediterranean region. This thriving industry is broad and complex, thus career paths in banking are plentiful. These are some of the main areas of employment the field has to offer:

Financial Analysts: 
They advise the bank on the investments which take place. This job entails long hours sitting at a desk yet the rewards make it all worth while. It includes the purchasing of assets, trade securities and offering financial assistance. Financial Analysts are generally required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in subjects such as accounting, finance, statistics or economics.

Call Centre:
This job entails answering phones and dealing with international clients; mainly dealing with their daily issues,answering queries and upselling services.

Customer Care:
These employees may be at the front desk or over the phone. They are in charge of processing transactions, selling products and answering questions customers may have. Strong customer service skills are required for such a position though on-the-job training is given after employment.

Financial real estate adviser:
A very interesting and diverse field to enter, jobs in this sector include mortgage brokering, leasing and insurance. This job does come with its daily challenges however is one of the most rewarding of all banking positions.
Financial Manager:
The financial manager reviews financial reports, budgets and carries out auditing of an organisation’s profit and losses. Supervision of accountants and financial analysts may also fall under the daily tasks. Such a role requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in finance and years of experience working in other financial positions.

Financial Planners:
This job is focused on helping customers or the actual company plan their future. The work is driven towards creating value for the company and ultimately growth of the company. It is said to be a stressful job with substantial rewards when reaching long term goals. The job requires the understanding of estate planning issues, investments and taxes as well as strong interpersonal skills.

Digital Banking:
This position entails the handling of online transactions done through mobile apps or the web. The digital system aims to make transactions more efficient and make customers’ lives easier so a strong I.T. background is of prime importance.

Be it working with people or working with numbers, it’s quite likely there is a position in banking perfect for you. Banking professionals are given great opportunities and room to grow in the establishment.  Get in touch with us and start your career journey in banking.


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