Monday, 15 February 2016

Gi Group ranked 5th in European labour market

In a recent document about the positioning of staffing agencies released by Staffing Industry Analysts, Gi Group through its wide network of partnerships reached 5th place in Europe, and 14th position worldwide.

The conclusions of this survey published by a global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions, highlight the results accomplished in 2015 by Gi Group and its partners, including Muovo, through their combined efforts and expertise in the employment market.

In a letter sent to all its partners, Gi Group CEO Stefano Colli-Lanzi expressed his gratitude for their constant support and trustful cooperation. He also stressed Gi Group’s mission to contribute to the evolution of the labour market, continue educating about the personal and social value of work, and reiterated the fundamental role that partnerships play in building these kinds of projects and vision.

The high positions achieved by Gi Group in the survey can also be attributed to the important steps that have been made towards expanding its global presence in 2015, by opening new branches in Slovakia, Portugal and Turkey. This increased its global geographical coverage and provided new sources of business opportunities for its partnership network.

Gi Group has maintained a presence in Malta since January 2014, after entering in a partnership with Muovo, which has since yielded countless opportunities for Maltese candidates to seek employment abroad and provided local employers with the most extensive sourcing channel of potentials candidates on the islands.


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Erittäin hyödyllinen viesti. Tämä on ensimmäinen kerta, kun vierailen täällä.
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