Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Life is a videogame

Great careers are funny sometimes. 

They never take you to the places you planned to go. Most don't even start when they're supposed to. 

There are certain fundamental facts that we are trained to accept about the world around us, how it works. We are supposed to stick to one place and one job, but not any more.

The IT professional in 2011 can be the conference personality guru in 2015. The University student who just failed a final semester test could be entrepreneur of the year in a few years time. 

It's time to accept that like a videogame, great careers do not start off from base and then grow steadily until a plateau. What's more, failure is not to be avoided, but embraced as essential to learning how to be better. 

Personal success in a world of shifting opportunities means that any person can re-invent themselves or paint a new directions within a handful of years. Getting that dream job or perfect career is a challenge that requires dedication and consistency, and most of all ACTION. 

How are you playing the game? 


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