Wednesday 18 January 2012

Malta's booming financial industry

Malta is becoming a sophisticated international financial centre − FinanceMalta

Business professionals in the financial sector are finding that operating in Malta means successful growth both for business and personal careers. Since becoming a member of the EU,  international financial institutions have been setting up locally with some great results. 
"Malta currently enjoys a growing presence in four key sectors in the financial services industry − insurance, banking, trusts and funds, each of which registered a solid performance in 2011....Malta is clearly establishing itself as a dynamic, cost-efficient and English-speaking domicile in the European Union for the financial services sector." Source: The Malta Independent Online
As a sun-drenched Island which is a member of the European Union, Malta is not an offshore location, making it ideal for hedge funds to operate from here.  Since the financial crisis that has hit most of the Western world, and particularly Europe at the current juncture, the strong regulatory environment present here ensured that the amount of firms operating in the financial sector has tripled, and employment in the area has significantly increased. 

This exciting growth in the field was recently covered by Jeremy Khan in Bloomberg Markets magazine, focusing on the hedge funds moving to Malta (video).

This is definitely good news for business professionals hailing from Europe who are looking for a new place to start up again side. There currently are over 6500 members of the workforce employed in the fields of financial intermediation. This is significant n itself in a quite small pool of people in active employment (160,000). The growth in the sector contributes to an ever growing need for experienced financial industry professionals in Malta. 
Are you a financial expert struggling to find career growth in your own country? Why do you think Maltese financial services are growing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on Facebook!
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