Wednesday 20 June 2012

The Graduate Guide to Getting that Job

This article, first published in The Graduate Recruitment Company, serves as an excellent, light-hearted read that explains how graduates should go about on their 'job hunting process'. After finishing their degrees, graduates tend to feel bemused, struggling to find the path they really want to pursue, and perhaps more so, to find a job that suits their desires. Muovo urges you, both as a candidate and as as recent graduate, to think ahead, to take time to find yourself, and to try out different things until you find what you really want. Happy reading!

Now what?

So you have handed in your last ever essay, bound your dissertation and kissed goodbye to all the long, dreaded hours you spent at the library. What now? Well, of course, you celebrate!  
After the panda eyes have been wiped away, all the books have come out from under your bed and transferred to their new home (a brown box placed in the loft), you’re ready to spread your wings and bid your last farewell to your student loan and enter the real world, aka the adult world of taxes, rent and a getting a ‘proper job’. 

Be 'out there'
It’s also  time to write that golden covering letter, edit your CV, and get yourself ‘out there’. Unfortunately, we all know how tough it is to get ‘out there’ for graduates to get a great job—but do not worry, with a little persistence, research, you can do it and Muovo will be there to assist you along the way. 

Consider doing an intern

One way to gain vital experience would be to intern. Although you could spend a year working non-paid in one or a variety of companies, the experience and fantastic inside knowledge that you get are doubtlessly fruitful.
Read Why an Internship Might be Good for You!
As long as your CV and covering letter is top-notch, and you are applying to relevant jobs at the right level, the next thing you are going to face is the interview, which really should be no dread at all. You need to shine your personality through and spread out your enthusiasm and flaunt your assets.

Body language and Interviews
Indeed, our body language in interviews is a huge indicator of how nervous or anxious you are but remember you’re either too cool for school or made out of metal if you don’t suffer from some form of nerves before an interview, so don’t worry too much – it’s human nature to be nervous and shows that you want the job.

First impressions count!

Harsh this may be, but in the first 30 seconds of the interviewer meeting you they will determine if they like you or not. Greet them with the obvious firm handshake but with also a ‘break the ice’ comment of ‘Great offices’ or ‘Lovely meeting you’.  There is a difference between enthusiasm and being too excitable, so make sure you get the balance right. How do I Make a Good First Impression?

Research your company thoroughly
Another crucial part of interview preparation is knowledge of the company. Don’t be afraid of going in with a pad of bullet points about the company you’re interviewing with and make sure you can talk with confidence about what you have found. Also make sure you read over the original job description as this will give you a head start for a ‘smashing’ interview. Make the effort and go that extra mile, hitting the interviewer with some knowledge that shows you have looked beyond the company website? You would be surprised at how many people don’t even skim the company website before their interview. 

Know your vocabulary!

Also, vocabulary is the winning and last concoction to nailing the interview; it is essentially all about 'buzz words' or technical jargon, and using the original job description words in your answers. For example, if you’re going in for a sales role using words like ‘money driven, ambitious, and confident’ will show the interviewer that you know the job jargon.

Be confident

Finally go into that
interview with confidence, knowledge and enthusiasm and you will come out with beaming smiles. But remember job hunting  is a bit like getting back on a horse, if you don’t get one interview then you will get the next, so stay positive and you will get there.

Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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