Wednesday 11 July 2012

3 Ways To Achieve Overnight Success

‘What would you like to be when you grow up?’, the teacher asks.

‘I want to be a powerful and famous businessman when I grow up’, answers a 12-year-old schoolboy, determinedly. And he means it.

In this ever changing, fast-paced society we live in, we are becoming eager and perhaps impatient in our need to achieve success, if possible overnight. Muovo knows how many of our candidates would like to know whether this could be true, and if so, what would they need to do.The article below, first published in Stepcase Lifehack, offers a 3-part-formula that can put you in the right direction and help you in achieving the ‘overnight’ success. Happy reading!

1) Know where you’re going
Before you even start thinking of success, you need to know why you are doing what you are doing. Only once you have a clear vision of what your goal is, will you be able to realise the best (and fastest) way to get there.

Although the ‘best’ way to get to your specific goal is something individual, that pertains to you and no-one else, the fastest way to go nowhere is by not having somewhere in mind.

This means that when you have a goal, a destination, you make your ways towards it. Eventually, the process will not be as tiring as when you do not know where you’re heading, given that with each step you make you can see how you’re getting closer and closer to your Goal.

2) Connect with people who can help you get there
When we hear the term “overnight success” we often associate that with someone who has very quickly become an authority or a celebrity in a particular industry or sector. Success however is really about creating connections with authorities and celebrities than it is to become one.

When you connect with them, you automatically set yourself up for rapid success because you now have direct access to someone who can help you get to the top. They know the roadmap because they already walked it. Now all you have to do is ask questions about their success and listen carefully. Read The Benefits of Networking.

3) It’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows you
It’s easy to think that if you just knew the “right” person or if you just get a recommendation from a key influencer, then the doors would burst open and success would come pouring through. While it is critical to connect with influencers and decision makers (as mentioned in 2 above), the reason why it is so important is because they can show you where to go and what to do. In other words, they do not do it for you, they simply show you how to do it.

Given that, you may be wondering, if success is not about who I know, then what’s the key?

The key is who knows you.

Connection is what gives meaning to our work. If you want to be successful and if you want your work to matter, then connection is the key. Connections are the foundation of any meaningful work. It doesn’t matter how brilliant you are, how groundbreaking your work is, or how useful your discoveries are …if you don’t connect with someone else, then nobody knows about it. And if nobody knows about what you do, then you can’t make a difference or be successful or change the world.

This means that if you’re truly serious about becoming an overnight success (or about achieving any type of success), then you need to commit to learning how to spread your message and your work. In an age where anyone can create content with publishing, writing, videos, podcasts, blogs, social media, and more, it has become critical to develop the skill of capturing attention.

What should I be doing now…?
If you’re ready to be successful, then the time is now. There is no need to wait. Start by getting very clear about why you do what you do. Know the direction and why you’re going that way. Once you know where you want to go, start seeking out people who are already there. The influencers, decision makers, and connectors. Get to know them and they will kindly show you the way to go. Once you know the path, start walking it. As you do so, you will soon realise that your work will only have meaning if others know about it. Become an evangelist for your own goals. No matter what work you do, learn how to share it with others and capture their attention.

This simple path is the fastest way to overnight success.

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Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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