Tuesday 17 July 2012

Why You Should Use A Recruiter

One fine day, you are sitting at your desk, or at home watching TV comfortably in your bedroom, when all of a sudden you hear your mobile phone ringing. You might not be exhilarated at first, (especially if you were watching your favourite soap opera!), and when you see that the call comes from an ‘unknown number’, or from a number you do not recognise, you may be rather reluctant to answer the phone (and sometimes, as a lot seem to do, you refrain from answering the call at all!).

But if you were one of those who had plucked some courage and answered that call, on the other end of the line, you would have found your loyal recruiter who has wearily retrieved your contact information from LinkedIn, Facebook, a job site network you may have subscribed to, or, of course, from your application which you might have submitted to the company directly.

Before you hang up the phone, remember that recruiters can hold the keys to the hidden jewels of the job market. Use them and they may just open the door to a new career opportunity. I know this as I had worked for some time as a Marketing/Office Administrator in a recruiting company. From working behind the scenes, I have learned the important role a recruiter can play in a person's career path. Even if you are not currently looking for a job, do not neglect the idea that you may need their help later. Below are the main five reasons why you should use a recruiter.

1. Hidden Job Market.
Your dream job may really just be a recruiter away. Employers will use a recruiting company like Muovo to find them the right candidate. Knowing that the recruiters have the knowledge and expertise in their area, they entrust their time and money to find the right candidate. This means that some jobs will be advertised only on the recruiting company’s website, which is why you should keep yourself updated with Muovo’s site!

2. Connections. Connections. Connections.
Recruiters often have extensive networking skills, establishing connections with hiring managers and senior level executives. When you send your resume to a company directly, you often end up without an answer. By using the services of a recruiter, you know that he or she will utilise your expertise and skills in finding you the job that would be most apt for you, and simultaneously for the client.

3. Expertise.
Recruiters know what salary you should be given, depending on your experience, education, and so on. With their experience and expert knowledge in the area, recruiters can help you find the answers and to ask the right questions that will guide you to the right job, while taking the right steps in order to advance your career. Muovo strives to maintain a solid relationship with its diverse clientele, where, best of all, the information that it offers to its candidates is free, unbiased, and imperative if you are to establish a name and position for your self in today’s highly competitive market.

4. Your Goal is the Recruiter’s Goal!
You and your recruiter have, really, a win-win sitatuon where you both share the same goal. Indeed, recruiters strive to helping you put your best foot forward, making the right connections, and hopefully getting you an ideal role that is a perfect fit for both you and your employer. They are, moreover, on your ‘side’ where the relationship you build between you and your recruiter should be on the long term basis. Indeed, this leads to the last tip.
5. A Long-term Ally.
Although you might be currently very happy with your job and do not even dream of changing what you’ve got with anything else, things may, unfortunately, change. Imagine that in five years’ time your situation at home and or financially has changed, and likewise, your job may not suffice or hold up to what you need. You may then decide that a new job or role might be ideal for you. Keeping in touch with a recruiter (who is still in the industry) will provide heaps of benefit given that their aim is after all to build relationships with both candidates and clients, and making sure both parties are equally satisfied. Therefore, you not only gain a new role, but you also gain an important ally to guide you through your current and future career path.

Moral of the story?

The next time a recruiter calls you, do the right thing - pick up that phone!

Nikita Pisani @ Muovo


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