Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Good Training and Your Career Success

When you are on the lookout for a good company too join, there is something that you should really make sure is included in the employment package: a good training program.

Having placed a number of candidates in new jobs, Muovo well understands how a good training program can benefit the new hire (and hirer) in insurmountable ways.

Indeed, it is no news that the training you receive in your first six months on the job can either ‘make or break you’. You need good guidance, support, and someone (or some people) who will monitor your progress and give appropriate feedback. However, given the fast-paced, stressful work environment that most of us have, it would be yet another utopic ideal if you had to find all such things in your work environment.

As Cici Mattiuzzi rightly states in her article entitled Why Training is Important for your Career Success, apart from a good training program, good companies will also provide you with a mentor to whom you can consult or ask questions if needed. This should be a person who is designated as your ‘answer person’. They will be simply doing their job to help you and you will not (or should not rather) feel as if you are breathing down their neck (although at times it will still feel like that!).

So, what is a good training program?
Mattiuzzi says that 'a good training program is one that includes an intensive training sessions with seasoned professionals or professional trainers and an opportunity to follow-up with on-the-job activities related to the lessons learned in the training. Usually it means going for training for a week or two, then working in the office for anywhere from a week to a month to practice what you have learned, then back to the classroom for more in depth training'.

She goes on by saying that good training also can mean access to on-line training with continuous feedback.

The training you need can include anything from government regulations,  to sessions on software applications and project management,  to the latest computer design techniques. The training might include a seminar on the software that you will be using in the performance of your daily job. You should also expect to receive training in non-technical areas such as corporate policy and culture, ethics, leadership, and sexual harassment issues.

The following are Mattiuzzi's tips on how you should go about asking about training programs. What you should do first is to ask your potential employer what their policy is. Ask during your informational interview or in your actual job interview.

Do they have a training program? What is offered?
Do they only offer training only to the leads, or will YOU be able to get training?
Do they have a policy that gives all of the new employees the training they need to be successful?

Training is not just a nice perk to look for in your career plan, it is an absolute requirement,  just like air and water, a desk and a computer.

Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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