Friday 28 September 2012

How An Internship Could Affect Your Career

A good number of college and university students are nowadays competing for an internship. Working for ‘free’ is now seen as an opportunity that gives students a heads-up/start to their career. 
Muovo would like to share with you the following four points, which were listed by as the main reasons why you should seriously consider doing an internship:
1) Extends Your Education.
Many employers see internships as an extension of higher education. The effort it takes to become an intern and to be successful at learning an industry is widely noted and appreciated by prospective employers. Ample employers do take internships very seriously. When two applicants apply with similar qualifications, the internship will be usually a deciding factor, as the employer will see that the applicant has previous experience in the direct field. Internships give the applicant needed entry-level experience in order to succeed with in the first years of work.

2) Companies Hire From Within.
Several companies tend to look to hire from within. Internships provide this opportunity for the company. Since interns go through an entry level training which costs the company resources, they need to understand that this training is an investment in them for the future. Putting forth an equal effort will result in a very real chance at a promising career.

3) Adds To Your Professional Resume.
Building your resume properly is imperative. You should dedicate ample time and effort to make your resume the best possible it could be. Having an internships will certainly aid you when it comes to listing related experience and knowledge of the field. Employers will recognize this extra effort and reward accordingly. Having a solid resume will most certainly help get a foot in the door at most companies looking for quality help.

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 Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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