Sunday 11 November 2012

Be an Attractive Employee. Focus on the Future.

Are you about to renew your employment contract, or renegotiate some working conditions? You probably (and understandably so) would want to keep and improve your current conditions. If anything, why not increase the pay?
This might sound very plausible to you, but your employer may not be as eager about your ideas as you are. He or she will, of course, seek to minimize costs while increasing productivity. This being said though, the employer and the employee do not have to be at loggerheads, with one of the parties wanting more for less while the other wants to give less and get more.

the contrary, both should recognize the need of each other, and respect the other’s place in the company. Any employer without good employees stands no chance at gaining the productivity they desire; similarly, an employee needs the employer not only for the job and the pay being provided to him, but also for the invaluable experience gained on the work, which he would need if he is to further his advances later on.
The challenge an employee could face here is the use of the past as support for their claim for better future conditions. The issue then is that the past is the past (for better or worse) and businesses operate focused on the future. It would be apt then for employees to bear in mind their past good performances, while considering the future needs of the business. 

By focusing on how they could help fulfill the future needs of their company, they are directly or indirectly fulfilling their own needs as employees.
 As an employee who focuses on the future problems of the business you will be valued and seen as 'attractive', which will most certainly assist with your job prospects.

And to be a solution, not a problem!

Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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