Thursday 15 November 2012

Be Careful: You Might Be Killing Your Job Prospects!

Although there has been an increased awareness these days regarding appropriate etiquette and behaviour in a job interview, there are still a couple of mistakes that many candidates still make during the whole interview process.
Muovo believes that the following article could be of invaluable help to many of you out there struggling with the tedious job hunting process. The list below includes some errors, first published by JobSeekers, that many candidates do, which might kill your prospects for a future job:

1. Having errors in your cover letter or on your resume.This will instantly turn the employer off. The resume and cover letter review is the first screening that an employer does of the potential candidate. It would be a good idea to get someone to proofread your resume before it gets in your potential future employer's hands!
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2. Stumbling into an interview late.Of course, this not just rude, but it will also show that you are not punctual and probably not responsible enough to assume the role you have applied for. Of course, it might be the case that you got held up in traffic, or your car broke down, or had an accident...but make sure you will phone in at least 15 minutes before to inform your interviewers that you might be arriving a bit late.
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3. Arriving for an interview unprepared. 
This is
 a major mistake that many and many candidates do. It shows a lack of interest in the job and a basic disrespect for the person interviewing you. Average preparation time for a successful interview is about six hours. Figure you are studying for the ultimate final, the one that makes all of that education pay off. What is involved?

First, you need to know yourself and your goals, ambitions, strengths, and weaknesses pretty well to make yourself get through the interview successfully. Do an inventory of who you are. Secondly, do some research on the company. Figure out what technical information you might need to study. Study old notes from past training and classes, and find current articles on the company and the industry. Finally, put it all together. Why are you qualified for the position and what do you need to share about yourself in the interview to get the job? Make sure you have the right answer that will send brights smiles over your interviewers' faces.
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4. Rambling on in the interview about irrelevant information.
This is a waste of the interviewer's time. Remember that the employer does not want to hear your personal life, from childhood up to the moment of interviewing, but is more interested in how you can are qualified enough for the post for which you are being considered.

5. Failure to maintain good grooming and personal appearance. A sloppy appearance in an interview indicates to the employer that you are careless and unprofessional. It is absolutely required that you have a professional looking interview outfit and that you maintain it by having it dry cleaned regularly.
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6. Failure to maintain a positive attitude.
This is perhaps the hardest one to remember after you have been rejected by multiple employers. It takes three to six months minimum to find a job. Looking for a job is a full time job! You will have to devote all of your efforts to the goal of getting a job if you expect to get results. You will have to be utterly positive for the entire search. If you walk into an interview with a dejected look, you have blown the interview before you even open your mouth. You must truly believe that you do not qualify to be permanently unemployed and that the perfect job will come along. It will help if you burn off stress with some serious exercise plan that you execute each and every day. And each and every time you walk into an interview, you must say to yourself: "If this job doesn't come through, something better will." And you must believe it!
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Any comments? Muovo would like to hear from you!

Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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