Sunday 26 May 2013

Job-Seeking Tips for College Graduates

Looking for a new job is often seen as a most intimidating experience...we've all been there though! If you have recently graduated or just about to finish your final year at college, then you must be already sending out the endless CVs and might have already attended some interviews. Muovo has found an article, published by New Talent Times,  a most interesting read...

The following are some excellent tips provided for college grads based on first hand interviews with many college grads who, maybe like you, are currently on the lookout for a job.

1. Go after “foundational” roles, and know why you’re seeking them.
A foundational role is exactly what it sounds like: a job that lays the foundation for your career by teaching you the fundamentals of professionalism. In a foundational role, you learn lessons that you’ll carry with you to any job afterward.

These roles are often rigorous and very difficult, but the knowledge of how to behave and interact with others in the professional world is invaluable -- and thus, worth it. Tell an interviewer you understand this and that you’re more than willing to do whatever it takes, and you’ll leave a good impression. 2. Why not turn your personal story into an “elevator pitch”? Interviewers have a relatively brief amount of time to find out everything they need to know about you. Everyone has a story to tell, and yours should highlight specific examples of where, when, and how you obtained specific skills that are valuable to this employer.

You also want show a bit of your personality - identifying your strengths as not only an employee, but as a human being as well. And, of course, if you do have any relevant job experience, you’ll share that.

So how do you accomplish all of this in what could be a 30-minute interview? Create an “elevator pitch”. In other words, take all of this information and pack it down to a concise story that you could tell in the time it would take an elevator to transport you from the 1st floor to your destination.
3. Make sure your online reputation represents you - appropriately!
In addition to the obvious (i.e. refraining from posting unprofessional content and images on your social profiles), you should be mindful of other details and what they say about you. For example, if there are consistent grammar and/or punctuation errors on your pages, then recruiters may think you lack attention to detail. You should try to anticipate the qualities, traits and skills an employer is seeking for a particular role, then ensure your profiles reflect those traits. For example, if you’re applying for a writing position, you’ll want to make sure you cross T’s and dot I’s. If you’re applying for a sales role, try to show off your outgoing personality through relevant photos.
For more tips to the college grad searching for a job, visit Software Advice’s New Talent Times.
Good luck!

Courtesy of Aundraya Ruse

Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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