Tuesday 21 January 2014

10 Words to Avoid Using on Your Resume

'I am a very patient, creative and efficient individual.'

The good news is: these are all commendable qualities that a potential candidate should possess.

The bad news is: your potential employer has probably heard these adjectives and read sentences like this millions of times.

Muovo would like to share with you the article below, which evaluates LinkedIn's release of their annual list of the most overused buzzwords on their 187 million profile pages this week, with 'creative' taking the dubious honour for the second year in a row.

Words commonly used on LinkedIn are also likely to appear on resumes. This means that the list outlines the buzzwords that you should be avoiding when formatting and writing your own resume. LinkedIn's top 10 repetitive words for the profiles of U.S. professionals were as follows (with some helpful translations):

1. Creative
2. Organizational
3. Effective
4. Motivated
5. Extensive experience
6. Track record
7. Innovative
8. Responsible
9. Analytical
10. Problem solving

The word 'creative' in itself implies a lack of creativity in describing yourself in a resume or covering letter.

Watch this short clip on How to Write an Interesting Cover Letter
Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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