Thursday 16 January 2014

5 Questions To Ask At The End Of Your Interview

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By the end of the interview, you should leave some time to ask questions - this is necessary!

Question 1. Why is this position vacant? 
Normally, a job position is either filled internally, or within a reasonable time-frame. However, if the job has been open for several months, it would be wise for you to ask why. For instance, did a previous candidate turn it down? If so, you need to know what was the reason behind his termination - did he resign or was he dismissed? Also, evaluate the expectations of the job - are they realistic? Or is too much being expected from the new employee.

Question 2. What have your most successful candidates brought to the company? 
This question is a statement of intent about your determination to join the company's elite performers. You may wish to emphasize your skills and achievements relevant to the role prior to posing this question. The answer will also give you an indication of the company culture and help you to decide whether this job is the one for you or not.

Question 3. What does success look like in the first 90 days?
Ambitious candidates are eager to hit the ground running, and this question puts you among that group. Again, it will reveal the type of company you may be joining. If expectations for the first 90 days are unrealistic, what will the role look like after six months?

Question 4. What challenges will the candidate face in the first 90 days?
Potential challenges may prevent you from achieving your agreed objectives in the first few months, so you need to be aware of them. Again, this question indicates your determination to succeed. It also gives the hiring manager the chance to come clean about the potential for internal conflict (and provides further insight into company culture).

Question 5. What challenges is the company currently facing? 
Is the company making money? Has it had major lay-offs in the past five years? How does it respond to a constantly evolving economic climate? How does it adapt to technological change? All of these issues are important to you as a potential new employee. If you were released from a recent job due to downsizing, you need to be confident that any company you move to is financially secure.

This article is courtesy of Aol Jobs

Nikita Pisani at Muovo


I have graduated but never once interviewing, I always self-deprecating in yourself. I dare not confident in the knowledge learned in university lecture halls. Really thanks this information. I think you should give it a try.
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Excellent advice. I read the original AOL article "The 7 Questions to ask", and I agree that two of those questions could be deemed inappropriate in most situations.

Job applicants who do not have any questions for the interviewer are not deemed as interested in the opportunity.

I was reading all thing and I think i need to it. thanks

It really is the question might be wise to know what it takes to build a new mindset for the job and make my own position is more advanced.
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