Wednesday 26 February 2014

5 Ways to Sell Your Experience

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The following are five tips brought to you by AOL Jobs discussing ways by which you can sell your experience:

1.  Don't cause problems. Solve problems.
'Millions [of people] graduate with vague degrees that only attest to one's ability to read books and take tests, but not necessarily solve problems', Murphy says. 'Industry experience conveys that you can solve problems for an employer right away or with little learning curve. Examine your experience and spell out how you helped solve problems, any problems. Competitors with degrees won't be able to compare.'

2. Always take up new expertise. Be ready to learn or re-learn what you know.
'Many companies have favourable back-to-school plans for their employees. If you're speaking with a prospective employer that places a large emphasis on academics, you might want to indicate a desire to take advantage of their plan', O'Neil says. 'Demonstrating a desire to make up any gaps in your résumé while on the job might just tip the scales in your favor.'

3. When you are selling yourself, achievements are more important than education.
'If you don't have a degree, it's very important for you to shine in every other aspect of your résumé', says Cathy Severson, career counselor and owner of Retirement Life Matters. 'Don't settle for a list of tasks, but really demonstrate how you can do the job better than anyone else can. The best way is to do this is by providing concrete evidence of how you have excelled at similar tasks in the past through accomplishments.'

4. Prepare your success stories.
'For the interview, prepare several stories of success that showcase how you have accomplished tasks similar to others who possess a degree', says Barbara Safani of Career Solvers. If you are a sales professional, for example, focus on how you exceeded your sales targets and have done as well as or better than your colleagues. If you are an accountant, prove how you have uncovered errors and recouped money for the company -- despite the fact that you didn't formally study accounting. If you are a high school graduate competing against a recent college graduate, talk about the experience you have garnered in part-time or summer jobs or full-time jobs you had while others your age were at college, she says.

5. Create a combination résumé.
'The most important task is to market your key skills and accomplishments to the employer by creating a résumé that focuses on your contributions to your previous employers and your experience that is most relevant to the position for which you are applying', says Winifred Winston, certified professional résumé writer. 'By creating a combination résumé that lists your relevant skills and experience first, you are sure to capture the hiring manager's attention. You initially want the employer to be able to fold your document in half and just by reading the top portion they know you are someone they should contact to schedule an interview. Does that top portion list education? Not necessarily.'

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