Saturday 1 February 2014

You're selling a product. That product is you!

You are, and always will be, your best product. You will never stop selling. 

If we take a look at..Politicians. How do they get elected? 

Because they have a good propaganda, they mean well and they love the people.

In a utopic political world, that would be true. But, in our world, the answer to how they really get elected is easy: Lots of marketing...and SALES.

Maybe you don't see yourself as a politician or wouldn't like to compare yourself with one.Let's think, instead, of a corporate careerist who manages to move up the career ladder with a long strand of success ahead. 'How did he get himself in this position?', you might wonder...

Again, the answer is not so hard to find out: SALES.

People who manage to move high up in the ladder, know a simple trick that enables them to stay at the top of their game. They know how to market their expertise, skills, and experience - making them an asset not only to the company but to anyone who listens to their advice.

Rule 1: Know your audience
Picture the last time you were at a party. You probably spent the evening initiating conversation with a variety of different folks. You liked some, disliked others and, perhaps, you really connected with a few.

Typically, you connect with people who approach life in a similar manner. What’s true in a recreational context is also true in a business context, because people are people regardless of the environment. You’ll always have a much easier time selling yourself to like-minded individuals.

If innovation and pioneering make you tick, target the innovators. If investing in the long haul and building something sustainable is more your variety, you’ll have no problem selling yourself to those with a similar passion.

Rule 2: You’ll be far more successful at selling yourself if you target the correct audience.
But don’t stop at identification. Research your audience, observe them and try to think as they do. Find the need. What does your target audience need that you have to offer? What do they need that you can find, acquire and offer them? If you don’t know, you can’t sell.

Rule 3: Always play to win (...of course, to a limit)
Forget survival. You’ll survive. Forget “just enough.” The only requirement for being successful is the willingness to lose it all.

What do you need? What do you want? Successful people turn down a promotion at a job they hate to start the business they want. Successful people take a loss this year to build launching pads for exponential growth next year. Successful people know they can afford to fail because they’re convinced the world needs what they have to offer.

Don’t let fear, doubt or inconvenience stand in your way. You’ll get plenty of nos, but don’t be denied. The urge to maintain the status quo is powerful, but choosing convenience will sabotage what you actually want in life.

Article adapted from Brazen Life

Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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