Sunday 20 April 2014

7 Tips to Make a Good First Impression at Work

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It's your first day at work! You're so thrilled that you have landed that job you've been dreaming of...that you've just bought a mug, a coffee jar, and some powdered milk to go with it...and of course, the chocolate brownies!

Well...not so fast! Although the coffee will surely come in handy, in many jobs the first six months are called the 'probationary period' which means that you should start trying to impress your boss as from Day 1.

Muovo would like to share with you (on Easter Sunday!), the following tips that will help you make a good first impression at work.

1. Plan what you're going to wear.
From the night before, prepare the clothes that you will be wearing for your first day. This will save you time in the morning, apart from giving you enough time the night before to pick out proper attire.

2. Get there early.
Knowing what you're going to wear does save you time, which thereby should allow you with enough time to arrive early. Employers always admire individuals who are on time, and possibly, earlier than required. This shows dedication, respect, and ambition towards the job.

3. Prepare how to introduce yourself.
It is likely that your new colleagues will be asking you some questions, such as qualification or previous experience and some other basic stuff. Don't forget to work on your eye contact, a pleasant smile, confident posture, and a firm handshake.

4. Remember names.
Don't be the one who says 'I'm not good with names'. The fast you learn names, the easier it will be for you to make your way around and to get to befriend your colleagues.

5. Be a good listener.
If somebody is trying to teach you something, or is showing you around, don't stand there daydreaming about what you'll be cooking in the evening, or how much you miss your bed. Make sure you understand what you're being told, and take down notes if needed.

6. Be positive.
You should be happy! It's your first day at a new job, which means, a new chapter in your life! Make sure you appear delighted to be there, even though it may not be your dream job.

7. Don't run off when the clock strikes five!
Especially on your first day at work, don't rush out the door when it's end of your working day (whatever time that might be). It won't hurt if you stay a little longer than required which shows to everyone that you are committed to your job and eager to learn more and do well.

Do you have any other tips? Muovo would like to hear from you!

Adapted from AoL Jobs

Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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