Thursday, 19 June 2014

3 tips to get that summer job!

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School is almost coming to an end! For many of you in sixth forms, at university, or have just finished secondary school, you may be looking forward to earning some money over the holidays.

The following are some tips that will help you land the job that you really want this summer!

1. Experience.
Having worked in a club as a bar tender may help you in achieving a post at a beer festival or other related festivals. The winning resume is often that individual who manages to give an impression of a young person eager to grow in the field.

2. Covering Letter.
Two candidates are runners up for the same post. One submitted a cover letter and one didn't. It is undeniable that the candidate with the weaker experience may have benefited from a cover letter justifying his reasons why he should be selected for the post.

3. Money doesn't matter!
You should aim to prepare yourself, or position oneself, for the best possible life-long employment. This means also getting the best first job and second job in a chosen field. Although money does matter in helping a teen learn money management and responsibility, experience in a profession is worth ten times any base salary.

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