Wednesday 4 June 2014

5 Keys to Making a Good Impression

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Blow your audience away in 100 milliseconds!

Below are 5 tips which you can follow if you want to make a great impression on your interviewers or new colleagues:

1. Look polished and groomed. 
Make sure you brush your hair, dress appropriately according to the environment of the place of interview. Appearance is very important - first impressions do actually count after all!

2. Try to stay healthy and fit.
Apparently, healthy and well-groomed people tend to earn more and get hired more often than their less attractive peers. That bias gets carried over to senior professionals. According to the GE executive, Deb Elam:

"Being physically fit gives people the confidence that you will take care of what you are asked to do, because you are taking care of yourself."

3. Dressing in simple, yet highly stylish clothes.
"Dress for your next job", Hewlett says.

To know how to do that, observe the people in your organization who dress well, then pattern yourself after them.

"It's not that everyone has to wear a grey suit," she says, "but this sense of polish and putting some thought into it does yield some benefits."

4. Stand tall.
The importance of height is seriously gendered. According to Hewlett's research, 6% of respondents said that being tall contributed to a woman's executive presence, while 16% said it mattered for a man's.

You can see it in the race for the Oval Office: The taller candidate has beaten the shorter candidates two-thirds of the time.

5. Look youthful.
The secret here is to Look youthful - not like a child. It gives signals that you have the "vitality to lead the charge and not succumb to setback", Hewlett writes. She sees the need evidenced in the cosmetic surgery market, as the number of Botox injections, facelifts, and "upper arm lift" operations continue to increase year over year.

But no matter how you're presenting yourself, you need to be aware of the audience that you're set about to impress.

Adapted from

Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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