Tuesday 17 March 2015

Malta’s young professionals choosing ICT, finance and iGaming careers

One of Malta’s most valuable resources is its highly skilled and highly educated workforce.

More than 3,500 students graduate from University and other institutions providing tertiary education in Malta each year. The choice of careers these young, talented professionals make says a lot about the bright future that the industries they move into enjoy.

In Malta, there has been a consistent and substantial increase in the number of graduates who find gainful employment in ICT, finance and iGaming every year.

These three industries are at the cutting-edge of the knowledge economy, each promising rewarding careers with excellent starting salaries and plenty of opportunities for professional advancement.

Graduate figures show strong interest in technology and finance

Here are some recent figures to back this up:

  • 1,756 students enrolled in a finance-related degree in October 2014.
  • 345 students enrolled in an ICT degree in October 2014.
  • 482 students graduated in a finance-related subject in December 2014.
  • 155 students graduated in ICT subjects in December 2014.

Over 600 graduates holding degrees in finance-related and ICT subjects have entered the workforce in 2015. With the setting up of a Gaming Academy very soon, a new cohort of graduates specifically trained to address the needs of the iGaming industry is about to join their ranks.

More exciting figures in these three industries can be found looking at the latest statistics describing the gainfully employed population in Malta.

Gainfully employed statistics indicate healthy growth

In September 2014, the NSO found that labour supply in Malta was up by 3.3%.

In the ICT field, the number of full-time and part-time employees stands at a record 7,421, whereas the number for those working in finance-related careers is 9,114. The gaming industry comprises 3,599 professionals directly involved, indicating good scope for growth.

Each industry registered creditable increases in the number of people who were gainfully employed.

Finding the talent leading tomorrow’s industries

We want to see this generation of professionals succeed and find gainful employment with the world-class companies in the ICT, finance and iGaming industries based in Malta.

Their talent combined with the extraordinary levels of growth experienced by businesses in these areas will be the catalyst for future change in the industry as well as drive the economy of an increasingly smaller and tightly connected world.

This enormous potential resides in the empty cubicle in the corner of your office, or the vacant chair in your conference rooms where ideas should be flourishing instead. There is great opportunity in there and equally great talent out there waiting to be found.

Connecting the two together there is Muovo.


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