Friday, 12 October 2018


Hello #Muovers job-seekers, how are you all?!

One more week here and as you know from our previous articles, we are not here only to help you to get a job in Malta, we also like fun and events therefore we are happy to inform you that this weekend #Birgufest will take place in Birgu (also known as Vittoriosa),one of Malta's oldest and most historic cities.

Most of the museums and historical buildings in the area will be opened at a discounted price. Also the magnificent architectural gem of Fort St. Angelo, which is a large bastioned fort located at the centre of the Grand Harbour.

Main perfomance will take place on Saturday 13th October apart from the spectacular evening Candle lit City, renowned performers will be roaming about the narrow winding streets entertaining the street audiences.

You can check more info about the event on the official webpage and also location

So we hope you will have some fun there and have a nice weekend!

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