Thursday 21 March 2013

Never Burn Bridges

'Never burn any bridges' is one of the oldest professional advice given to date. Undoubtedly, this advice is true even today.

Muovo has found and adapted this article from Hyatt Careers Blog which lists two important pieces of advice that should not go unnoticed:

First: Respect Everyone at all Levels.
It is undeniable that at some point in our lives, we will meet individuals whom we had met or befriended in our childhood, or later on in life at high school, college, or in our of our previous work places. This is why we should respect everyone, no matter what the person's role is and how connected or not he or she appears to be to your future. Treating someone with respect, saying hellp when you pass a person, learning his or her name, is always a good idea. This also makes it easier for you when you are later paired to work with them on a group project or have to reach out to them for assistance.

Second: No Goodbye is Final.
Each day we make decisions. Sometimes our decisions are small, such as what to have for lunch, and other times our decisions are much larger, including for instance a change in career or ending a long-term relationship, business or otherwise. However, the decisions we make and how we handle those decisions may eventually come back to haunt us. The world is too small to think that changing careers, jobs, or even relocating could mean that we will never run into or have to deal with an ex-boss or employee ever again.

This powerful video clip features Greg Ballard, a successful CEO, who describes the necessity to treat everyone in your organisation well. He shows how this often comes back to you in insurmountable ways.

This video is courtesy of eCorner: Stanford's University Entrepreneurship Corner.

Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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