Sunday 17 March 2013

Why Should I Hire You?

Considered as one of the most difficult questions to answer, 'Why should I hire you?' is often one of the questions that is almost always asked at the interview. Perhaps a good way to know how you go about answering this unnerving question, is to understand why most employers continue to ask it, and break it down into three phrases.

The employer wants to know whether you have a solid grasp of the required skills or not. This is usually what the employer is most worried about. He wants to know, of course, whether you would be able to perform your duties well.

How to answer: Check the most critical requirements for the position and evaluate ways in which you meet them. Do your background study on the job concerned in order to make sure that you know what they are likely to be looking for.

"Let me start off by saying that I have a complete understanding of the major requirements of this position and can guarantee you that I meet them as well as offer additional skills and experience. You need someone who can implement and write your monthly newsletter. I wrote my former company’s newsletter and was successful in increasing readership, drawing in more customers, and making the company look very good for six prosperous years."

Continue to list more of the requirements that you fulfill. Do not exaggerate as this could only work against you.

The employer wants to know if you’re committed to doing the job. In other words, if hired for the position will you work hard, or will you slack off after your probation period? Will you be motivated? Are you dedicated, or do you simply want a job, any job?

How you answer: This is where you can answer another question you might be asked, “Why do you want to work here?” This second part of the three-part question is where you extol the company’s overall mission, praise it for the outstanding products it develops/services it provides, and show your admiration for its fine reputation in the industry.

"My desire to work at ABC company and make it better is fueled by the fact that you and your staff believe in producing software that is designed by the best engineers. I want to contribute to the success of this company with my ability to take a concept and see it through delivery. I’m motivated (use this word) to live up to the outstanding reputation Miranda, Inc. has developed and sustains in the social media industry."

The employer wants to know if you'll be a good fit. Will you play well with others and be easy to manage? Surprisingly this turns out to be a large issue even if you’re a top performer.

How you answer: You are a team player (ouch on that cliché) and even more important a person who has adapted to all situations and changes. Your record of getting along with colleagues and supervisors can’t be touched, not even by the best.

"If you ask my former supervisors and colleagues how I worked with them, they’d tell you I was very hard-working in a team-oriented environment. I always adapted to the demands of any company".

Knowing the three major areas of concern of the employer could solve a lot of trouble when it comes to answering such daunting questions during the interview. Take your time to answer and construct your thoughts carefully. Remember that this really is a three-part question that deserves at least two minutes to answer. If you can’t answer this question, you shouldn’t be applying for the job…should you?

The following clip from Heineken: The Candidate experience shows just how much being innovative and researching your company well prior to the interview are essential key points to getting yourself the job!
Watch this amazing video featuring unusual job interview techniques. Over 1,700 applicants were interviewed for a job with Heineken's even and sponsorship department. One of the applicants, Guy Luchting, won a job where he had to go to the UEFA Champion's League Trophy as it makes its way around the world, before arriving at Wembley for the Final on May 25th.

This article was adapted from Recruiting Blogs. Find out more about Heineken - The Candidate experience.

Nikita Pisani at Muovo


This post is very timely because this month is the graduation of my daughter in college. I'll share this post to her so she'll know how to answer eloquently when the time comes that she'll be applying for a job.

I remember when I was looking for a job too, and my employer asked me that tricky question. I just smiled and answered that she should hire me because I can outwit my fellow colleagues and I am always at the top of my game.

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Glad to hear that!

Good luck for your daughter's grad! :)

How to answer: Check the most critical requirements for the position and evaluate ways in which you meet them. Do your background study on the job concerned in order to make sure that you know what they are likely to be looking for. HP2-H80 exam dumps

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