Sunday 14 July 2013

Take The Stress Out Of Your Job Interviews

If some of you have an interview coming up in the following days, don't fret! Muovo has found some key steps that will make your interviewing experience and preparation stress free and useful for future interviews!

1. Use your online network to your advantage.
Social networks nowadays have much to offer...not only to employers but also to candidates. On preparing for your job interview, don't simply look through the company profile, vision and history, but also carry out a quick search on your interviewers or if you're not sure, on general managers and directors of the company.

You might wish to look at LinkedIn profiles of staff members and of your interviewers (or potential interviewers). This information will help you see how, if applicable, employees can make progress within the organisation, which you can then use as a basis to your questions about career advancements during the interview.

2. CV and online checks.
It is no news that employers are constantly looking at social networks to get an idea about their employees or future employees. They also look at LinkedIn profiles and Twitter, wherever applicable. Check that your CV conforms to the information presented on these sites.

3. Outfit check.
You will be making your first impression during the first interview so make sure that it will be a good one! Get your hair or nails done the day (or few days) before and prepare your outfit way before the time for the interview.

4. Reference gathering.
Take along with you any references that would be suitable for the position for which you have applied. It is important that your referees are happy to be contacted by your potential employers and that their contact details are accurate.

5. Make notes.
You can take some paper and pen with you and write down some points that you would like to discuss with your interviewer(s) at the end of the interview. Also write down a couple of pre-prepared questions along with these two questions/notes: (a) get the business card of your interviewers, and (b) ask about the timeframe for a hiring decision.

If you have any questions Muovo would be very happy to help you. Good luck!

Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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