Wednesday, 2 October 2013

3 Smart Ways To Be Truly Successful At Your New Job

You finally got that job you've been dreaming about for years. Congratulations!

Now that the celebrations are over, with the excitement and the feelings of accomplishment having subsided - perhaps replaced by that trickle of panic or accelerated heart beat - it's  time to roll your sleeves up and show your employer and new colleagues what you're worth of!

The following are 10 things that you should follow to make sure you're doing things right...given that you want to excel:

1. Behave as if you’re still being interviewed.
Having passed through that tedious recruiting process...for which you have been successful (Well done again)...keep in mind that the race has not finished yet. Having been selected means that your employers have seen your potential  or your great ability and (are hoping) that would be able to carry out your job effectively.

This does not mean however, that you can take the back seat and relax. You still need to prove to your employer that you really were and are the best candidate for this job. So act as if this is an extended interview. Dress and act smartly and in a professional demeanor, work harder...and don't take anything for granted. In no time, you'll prove your belonging.

2. See your manager as a person you help, not a person who tells you what to do.
Although your manager is the person who will be giving you the work, and assigning tasks on a daily basis - a lot of employers appreciate having part of the workload off their shoulders if they see an employer like you taking the initiative from time to time. See your job as helping rather than to get the job done. The more you help your company achieve their goals, the more valuable your presence becomes.

3. Build relationships based on performance, not conversation.
Great companies with great culture welcome employees to their field. Other employees will get out of their way to meet and get to know you, even to help you out where needed.

This is great, but do keep in mind that relationships need to be based on respect and trust, which are in turn based on performance and action - not just words.

Prove yourself. Pitch in and help out. Follow through your plans. Meet every commitment. Earn the respect of your colleagues and you will build truly great professional relationships...and possibly friendships too.

This article was adapted from LinkedIn

Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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