Saturday 12 October 2013

Be Positive About Your Job Prospects!

Career confidence has definitely increased. But, if you're still not very sure about the future of your career, boost up your professional life with the following tips.

1. Be flexible and adaptable.
Organisations are always growing and evolving. This means that you would need to take up new skills and probably assume tasks and roles that you would have never considered of doing before. If you have never gave any of these roles or tasks a go, and therefore you don't really know whether you'd be able to do it effectively or no, give it a go. Who knows? You could find a totally new strength that you were completely unaware of. If, however, if did try doing this task and you feel that it didn't work out, or that you're not confident to do it again, then feel free to discuss this with your boss. But make sure that you show that you're willing to take on new challenges.

2. Stay updated with new qualifications and training.
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a famous keyword today, which recognizes the need for workers to stay in touch with the world outside, in relation to their field or areas of specialization. If you feel that you would like to move into a new area, then you would highly benefit from getting some form of professional training in the new area that you would like to start working in.

3. Be positive. And proactive. 
Positiveness is good not only to your success, but to building a good environment and positive relations with your colleagues and employers. Search for new opportunities and you might find something that you really love and are good at. If you never try, you would never know!

4. Build your strengths.
Everybody has his or her own set of strengths and weaknesses. Acknowledge both your strengths and weaknesses and don't be afraid to admit them out loud. While you shouldn't ignore your weaknesses, but seek to work on them and change them for the better, try to work harder on your strengths. Look at your everyday tasks and ask yourself: Why am I good at my job? Why do people trust me? How can I manage to handle all my tasks effectively?

5. Challenge yourself.
Someone who is truly happy at work is not afraid to go that extra length and take on a project or task that seems to be out of his or her 'comfort zone'. By keeping yourself constantly on your toes, you would feel a sense of pride and achievement on seeing yourself transforming into a better, more professional, highly skilful and confident worker.

Start working on yourself now. Make a commitment to change. And keep it.

Adapted from The Guardian

Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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How to be posetive if you don't get money?!

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You would need to take up new skills and probably assume job interview help that you would have never considered of doing before. So great job.!

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