Wednesday 6 November 2013

Yes, Facebook Could Help You Find a Job!

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Have you ever considered Facebook as a job board?
Probably not!
Facebook is highly unlikely to be considered as a career resource. Few users, especially from the younger generations, add a job title next to their Facebook profile. This can be, perhaps, to a variety of reasons. 
One of them may be that, at a younger age, users may not have a permanent job, and therefore do not feel the need to include a temporary position as part of their online status.
Others may disregard Facebook as a professional space and unfortunately, they tend to separate their 'social' selves from their professional life.
  • Facebook can be an online resume: First, add your current and past job titles. If you have recently changed your job, make sure that you update your profile.
Then check out Facebook’s recent design changes, which make your work history even more important. The redesigned profile is more than a new look; it presents a timeline of each user’s life, with past events ordered chronologically and easily accessible.
Remember that Facebook is not just a place for you to offer information. You can also gather precious details about possible employers and co-workers, which can be helpful during a job search.
In the end, using Facebook to your advantage in the workplace should fit well with the entrepreneurial spirit of GenY. Among those who did list a job title, the fifth most popular entry is 'owner'.
Courtesy of Brazen Life
Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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