Sunday 3 November 2013

Present Yourself to Your Best Advantage

Presentation is key. Remember that interviewers are looking for someone that would be an asset to their company. Just as you would not want to buy a really expensive item without putting much thought into it, a company is unlikely going to pay a fair amount of its income without considering all the aspects of the person that are employing.

Take note of the following:

a) Body Language!
Sit up straight, smile, be alert and attentive to the people interviewing you. You will create a much better impression that you would if you just slouch onto your seat, squeezing your hands and looking at the floor. Be aware of your BODY LANGUAGE.

b) Ask Questions
Interviewers want to see that you have done your homework. This often comes through the amount and type of questions that interviewees will ask at the end of the interview.

c) State your Interest
It is good to state, at some point, how much the job really interests you. A lot of people go for interviews half-heartedly, not really knowing whether they want the job or not. An appropriate time to say this would be when you are asked if  you have any questions.

d) Be Different
It is, like always, good and vital for your success to stand out from the crowd. Try to find something different or funny say that will mark you out from other candidates.

If your interview was arranged by a recruitment agency, don't forget to phone them up and let them know how it went. Also fill them in of anything that surprised you, such as a large interview panel or any tests that you had to take as port of the interviewing process. Agencies do the best they can, but are at times not told what the interview will contain.

Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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