Saturday 29 March 2014

MUOVO Announces New Partnership with Gi Group

On 1st January 2014, MUOVO joined forces with the global labour market leader Gi Group.  

How will You benefit?
If you are one of our ambitious candidates, perhaps seeking employment abroad, you are likely to most benefit from this new partnership.

With Gi group, MUOVO will now offer an improved range of services, including temporary and permanent staffing, executive search, payroll management, outsourcing and leasing services, training and staff development as well as outplacements. This is in addition to MUOVO’s established recruitment, leasing and company secretary services.

According to Dr Gege Gatt, a director at MUOVO:
‘MUOVO has grown from strength to strength over the years; however, this relationship with Gi Group has now allowed MUOVO to tap into one of the world’s leading networks for the development of the labour market’.

He continues by stating that, ‘[t]his partnership will allow MUOVO to leap-frog within the industry and widen the opportunities for both local candidates and employers alike’.

We are excited about this partnership and we hope to bring you several new and remarkable opportunities!

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Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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