Sunday 23 March 2014

Research Yourself: What Do You Want to Do?

An important step that you should start off with, before setting out on any journey, research well where you want to head to, and what you truly desire.

This goes to saying that before you apply for a job, think about what you imagine yourself doing, and whether you would find yourself enjoying that role, or environment, that you will be working in. In a few words, conduct some research on YOU.

Deciding what you want to do is, really, the most critical part of starting, progressing, or changing your career. If you do not dedicate ample time and thought on this decision, the likelihood is that you will find most work unsatisfying, or 'lacking' in some aspect or other.

This might in turn make you seem 'finicky' to the point that no job seems 'good enough', 'paid enough', or simply 'not interesting enough'. It is apt to understand that you may have to start at a position lower than your ultimate goal, but which is likely to offer you prospects for future advances. Make sure, however, that the experience and skills that you are acquiring from these early roles fit in with your long-term aims.

For example, you might feel that you are working in the 'wrong' role but in the right sector, such as financial services or customer care, or on the other hand, the 'right' role but wrong sector, such as a client adviser or administrator in an environment or company that is not wholly up to your liking. Use this time to evaluate your needs and desires, which will guide you in the right sector and role that befit your longer term goals.

The key questions you need to answer from the first research and target aspects of your job hunt are the following:

Question 1: What am I really interested in? (think of what you find yourself browsing through constantly in your spare time....well - apart form Facebook!)

Question 2: What are my skills and experiences?

Question 3: What are the best and the worst aspects of my current job? (if already employed)

Question 4: What are my career aims in the short, medium, and long term?

That's your homework for this week - answer the above four questions which will help you find your way through the career of your dreams.

Best wishes!

Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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