Friday, 14 December 2012

5 Different Tips for Graduate Job Seekers

Although we are more than sure that as a job seeker, you are swamped by heaps of information regarding tips for job hunting - what you should do and what to avoid. However, Muovo has found the following five 'lesser' known tips that are bound to help you get ahead. We couldn't help not sharing them!

1) Identify what is unique and memorable about you.
It is not enough to boast about your excellent qualifications and achievements. More than anything, you need something that makes you stand a good way.

Saying that you have reached a competitive level in an extra-curricular activity such as music or sport is definitely worth listening to.

2) Don't just research the industry you're targeting.
Also look at the sector it sells to, better known as verticals. This means that if you are applying for a job at a marketing agency, you would increase your chances by familiarising yourself not only with the company but also with the company's verticals.

3) Don't dismiss a company for being too small. Smaller companies offer great opportunities for career progression.
Start up companies may not be your ideal move for doubling your income, but they definitely offer good room for career progression. In a smaller company, you are likely to take on quite a handful of responsibilities, which all goes to make you all the more flexible.

4) Look for industries that are bucking the trend.
Remember there are a multitude of positions that you can do in an industry. You could be an in-house lawyer, an engineer or HR advisor.

5) Research your interviewers.
LinkedIn is a good place to start. Always do a quick find out about your interviewers to get an idea of what their background is, what their interests are, and perhaps, you could also find some connections that you have in common (such as, a university or a course that you have both attended or a shared interest).

Courtesy of GuardianWeekly

Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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