Wednesday 12 December 2012

Your First Day at Work...Should be Fun!

Although it's the festive season, and many of us are up and about doing our Christmas shopping, some of us might be excited not only about the celebrations but more so on a new job they might be starting soon!

It is undeniable that the first day of a new job can instill a whirlpool of emotions ranging from sheer excitement to downright nerve-wracking anxiety. Anxiety is mainly derived from lack of control over the Unknown.

The first day is usually the day we get to meet a whole team of new faces, trying to learn as many names as we could, get round to the office colleagues and atmosphere and so on. But, the big question remains, what does the boss expect from you on the first day?

Luckily it's 'not as much as you think'. Day 1 expectations are usually low, although of course, you are expected to turn up on time and show that you're ready to learn the ropes...and quickly.

Muovo would like to share with you the following article, first published by, which offers some    insightful tips on your expectations and what your behaviour should be like on your first day at a new job.

First things first...
Get ready to meet new people, experience a whole new work environment! Help yourself to make a good first impression among your new colleagues and employer(s). Even though the first-day expectations from aren't much, there are still some things that you should be wary of when entering your new workplace for the first time.

Remember that the higher you build expectations about your productivity, the harder it is going to be (for you) to keep pace with yourself. Most people over perform during the first several weeks at a new job. This sprinting speedy gonzalez mentality will soon die down. In addition, by working harder than you are capable of maintaining, and building expectations that you can regularly perform at that level, your productivity will eventually slip below the high bar and you will be seen as less capable than when you actually started!

Pace yourself. No one is running after you to meet deadlines (at least, not for the first week or two). Take time to adapt to the company. Don't worry if you make a mistake here and there. This is the time where you are actually expected, if not applauded, for making a mistake. Because this is the time to learn. In this way, you can improve your performance and pace, and hence appear even more impressive than your initial days - that is, if employers can see some form of progress. 

And finally...
Don't worry too much!

In reality, most employers expect only a handful of basic behaviors when you start your job (and for as long as you wish to remain employed), namely, to be punctual, to use your mistakes to grow instead of punishing yourself or others, to be honest, to keep an open mind, to be motivated, and to genuinely care about your job performance and the quality of your work.
Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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