Monday, 3 December 2012

When You Should Keep Quiet During The Interview

They say that silence is golden. And there are instances during the interview when this is, really, true. Muovo would like to share with you the article below, first published by CV Tips, which lists a couple of moments where you should keep silent!

1) While negotiating salary.This is such an important part of the interview and also one of the areas where most job hunters fail. First of all, don't bring up salary at all. Wait for the interviewer who will normally hint in that direction towards the end of the interview.

2) Seeking employment process.
Even if you are really tired of job hunting and desperate to get the job, don't tell them. Employers want people who are in demand; by telling them about your long job hunting process, you are saying that no-one else wanted you. So why should they hire you? Rather focus on the positive aspects of your current job or what you have been doing while you were out of a job.

3) Stay silent in the interview rather than asking about the work hours.
You can ask what hours are expected from you, but don't mention that you want reasonable or flexi time. Rather have the interviewer provide information bout the hours. If the hours don't suit you at all, you can indicate so if you feel that taking the job with the particular hours is not worth the while. If you start demanding even before you are employed, the employer will be skeptical.

4) Stay silent in the interview about your personal information.Don't disclose your religion, sexual orientation and any specific beliefs. Although the law prohibits discrimination based on any of the above, there are ways for an employer to bypass the laws by stating you were not compatible with the company, or experience not relevant etc.

Of course, make sure you come across as confident and able to talk about whatever the interviewer asks you. Don't let them think that your secretive nature is due to some skeletons in your closet! Remember - Balance is key.

Best of luck!

Nikita Pisani at Muovo


If your interview will be conducted by phone, be sure to schedule it far enough ahead so that you can prepare in advance and research the company. Write down common questions, job-related facts, and specific statistics you can present. Rehearse these with a friend or career coach. Although this may sound tough, research paper writing service remember that you are not doing the company a favour by being interviewed, so try to be as accommodating as possible to their scheduling requests.

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