Friday 28 December 2012

Are New Year's Resolutions Really Worth The Trouble?

Time flies doesn't it? This has been a really hectic year at Muovo. Oh, and we have been through the end of the world...rather flawlessly! We are looking forward to the coming New Year 2013!

With the end of the year so close by, most of us are likely to bring their reflection caps on and look back on what they have done (and haven't done) during the past year. Many of us will end up wondering on how to resolve those issues that we haven't changed throughout the year: oh, the New Year's resolutions. But are they really worth all the effort? Or do they serve to help set a positive attitude, filled with determination, ambition, and willingness for success? Well, probably it's a combination of both!

Muovo would like to share with you Simply Scott's views regarding the many resolutions that we might be doing for the New Year. In his opinion, these resolutions are rather flawed and frivolous which is why they tend to fail.

Click here to find out what he says

Courtesy of Recruiting Blogs

Nikita Pisani at Muovo


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