Sunday 1 December 2013

And so it Goes: Criticism is Inevitable

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Criticism is unavoidable. We can either take it gracefully, or we might make the one who gave us his criticism (constructively or not), wish he had never done so. Before we start accepting or dashing back our criticisms, we should first distinguish between the different types of criticism that we might be getting.

So, what type of criticism?
Sometimes criticism is narrow and specific. At often times, however, it is vague, general, and has multiple things mixed up in it (for instance, some statements are accurate but others are exaggerated, including the tone, content, rationale, values). 
Once you understand the criticism in its parts and aspects, make your own unilateral decision about it.

A fair amount of the criticism that comes your way is flat-out mistaken.

Think of the many scientific theories that were initially scorned but have proven correct over time.
Knowing that you can handle criticism in these ways, let yourself be more open to it. Don’t intimidate others who have a criticism for you; then it just festers or bursts out in other ways.
Mostly, just recognize that criticism in its various forms and flavors (and smells) is a fact of life. So be it. Our lives and this world have bigger problems, and much bigger opportunities. Time to live more bravely and freely. It is essential to welcome criticisms from your mentors, colleagues and perhaps, clients or people you come in contact with. However, make sure that you filter all forms of criticism and identifying the person.

This article was first published by Greater Good

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