Sunday 29 December 2013

The Career Resolution That You Need For 2014

The New Year is coming up so soon! It is amazing how fast time flies. At this time of year, isn't it normal to look back at what you have been through the past year, and, of course, to try to think of some 'resolutions' that you so deeply intend to follow through the upcoming year.

Don't have a resolution yet?
If you really want to take charge of your career this year, stop delegating it to others. It is easy to start 'depending' on companies, institutions and clients that pay our bills. In this sense, we feel obliged to them and in a way, we feel as if we cannot really look elsewhere given that they are only source of income.

In today's fast-changing economy, diversification is key. Try to set aside one or two hours a week and start looking at new ways in which you can expand your income. You can also attend some conferences, seminars, or networking events in an area that interests you. Catch up with old colleagues and even, look at companies or other jobs that you can pursue in case your job doesn't work out, for one reason or another.

Do you run your own business?
Many of these activities will help you too. You might wish to spend some time to think about expanding your work, either by opening a new branch locally or perhaps, even moving to other countries. The point is to make ongoing efforts to expand and develop your business and, in essence, yourself. 

What you really should do as a resolution for the New Year is: save money! (I really need to start doing this!). Spending less will give you freedom - to be able to reject toxic work environments, bad clients and projects you would rather not take on. Meanwhile, it will enable you to accept projects that  may require a lot of your time and it will make it possible for you to back off from work a little and work on this project. 

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